About us

Who are we?

IBEX Consulting Services LLC is a multi-disciplined construction scheduling consulting firm specialized in CPM Scheduling, Construction Claims, Risk Management, and 4D BIM Scheduling services. Our main focus is to improve our clients' capabilities, performance and results by providing the means and intelligence our clients need to plan, monitor, and oversee project performance –regardless of project size or scope.

Throughout our continuous development of successful client engagements we have honed our core competency in Construction Scheduling services. Today, we are the ideal, cost-effective partner for construction professionals looking to reduce costs, streamline operations, and enhance project management service levels. IBEX was founded to offer meaningful and measurable value to the construction industry, and we deliver on this promise every day with an elevated level of service at a highly competitive price.


  • You did an excellent job while consulting to my company. Your work was timely, precise, and you helped the project progress at a pace better than the planned schedule.

    Sean R. Ennis Sr. Scheduling Engineer Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.